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Boom-Diamonds For Boom Beach Hacks And Cheats

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Boom-Diamonds For Boom Beach Hacks And Cheats

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Why I Need More Resources?

     Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade everything in Boom Beach.
     You can see how many of each resource you have via the counters in the top right corner of your screen.
     Note: The Stone and Iron counters do not appear until you have unlocked those resources.
     Resources are gained primarily by stealing them from other bases. Destroying a base's Headquarters always gives resources as part of the reward.
     Every resource except Diamonds has an Economy Building that produces it and one that stores it. Owning a Resource Base gives you access to Sawmills, Quarries, and Iron Mines outside the ones on your home base. Instead of getting it from another type of Resource Base, Gold is received from the Native Islanders based on the number of freed villages that you have on your Archipelago.
     Diamonds are a premium currency meaning they are not required for anything, but they can be used to buy other resources or to shorten upgrade times.

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Boom Beach Diamonds: What to Use Them On!
Boom Beach, like Clash of Clans before it, has a premium currency. In Boom Beach, this currency is called the “diamond.” You can earn free Boom Beach diamonds slowly, but you might wonder “What should I spend Boom Beach diamonds on?” This has got to be the #1 question I hear asked by new players. There are some things that you really should save them for. In this Boom Beach guide, I’ll tell you what to spend your diamonds on!


Boom Beach Game Cheat Codes Generator For iOS, Android And PC

Diamonds are the premium currency in Boom Beach. They are used for increasing production speed (i.e. finishing off production and upgrades instantly). You can also use them to replace any of your resources when required, so are very important. Unlike most free games, Boom Beach is very generous when it comes to giving out Diamonds. You get a healthy amount when you start the game (currently 50), and receive more from opening chest on the map screen, completing achievements and successfully defending your base. You can also purchase them using real money, but it's very refreshing that this isn't necessary to make good progress in the game.


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